Yoga For Healthcare

Yoga for Healthcare practitioners, care-givers and manual therapist’s, is partially the Restorative and Therapeutic modules of the ART-45 hr training. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn hands on posture’s, best practices and adaptive yoga techniques for Adaptive yoga, palliative yoga therapy, in-home yoga for clients, as well as essential tools for self-care.

yoga for healthcareTrinity Yoga and Mary-Jo Fetterly have the objective with the training The ART of Living Well with Yoga 45-hour Practitioners Practical Program to establish practical daily living yoga tools and techniques primarily for the disabled & special needs population, and their care-givers, family and friends. By establishing adaptive, restorative, and therapeutic techniques for individual needs, The ART of Living Well with Yoga, provides a template for families, individuals and caregivers with which to access the tools and techniques for the benefit of those who have impaired mobility, or a disabling condition.

As a therapeutic intervention The Art of Living Well with Yoga program aims to create a model for healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, that establishes the interconnection of the body-mind connection.  As healthcare practices become more ‘client-client-centered’ we will need more alternatives.

It is our hope that through a simple yoga program we can improve quality-of-life.


Practitioner YogaPrograms Qualify for CEU Credits