Intro to Energy Anatomy

This month, as a way of introducing Energy Anatomy and how energy works or doesn’t in you, I would like to introduce a few concepts and then we will play at navigating ourselves around our own “ENERGY FIELD”.

Everything on this planet is comprised of energy. The energy we see is physical energy and yet there are many other forms that we cannot see. Wind, sound and thought are a few of the ones we cannot see and yet we know they exist. It is “thought energy” that we are going to talk about today.

What is “thought energy”, and how does it move as energy in our bodies? This is the question we will delve into here. This is a key concept to begin to understand and to feel familiar with. Many of you could probably relate to how different you feel when your mother is in front of you as compared to a very powerful person such as your boss or a movie star. You also have a totally different “feel” when you are preparing to make a presentation, as compared to sitting out on your deck in the sun. How is it that some people can make you feel intimidated and some are absolutely neutral? This corresponds to your own energy field and the “data bank” that processes incoming energy/information, called your chakra system.

The Chakra system can be thought of as energy transformers much like those that are used to “step down” killowats for household power. There are seven chakras in total in the human body, that download and processes the huge array of information, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; that is coming at you at a constant and sometimes frenetic pace every moment of your conscious day.

Each chakra relates to a different type of energy. For instance, your heart chakra located at the heart relates to love, forgiveness, envy, jealousy and compassion. All seven of the chakra centers correspond to a particular place in your body and a relational energy. Each of the chakras manage if you will, the type of energy that is particular to it and that area of your body.

Each chakra also “stores” data or information from the time you began to relate to the outside world – so that you energetically can still “feel” most of the things you experienced as a child.
It is interesting to note how much work is now being done with energy anatomy and illness. We are able now to correlate the area and type of an illness wilh the aspect of energy in the chakra, and determine an excess or deficency.

Perhaps one of the most profound developments in this area is work being done by Dr. Carolynn Myss, a medical Intuitive and author of several books on the topic. Her latest findings uncover that the most important of all the chakras (energy systems) is the one located at your solar plexus – your third chakra. This is the energy center that has to do with Self-Esteem.

It is Dr. Myss’s estimation that everything – the ability to heal, relationships, career and personal achievment, financial success and abundance, body image, health and well being and spiritual strength, all relate to the third chakra and ones quality of Self Esteem. Think about it. How often do you compromise yourself, or manipulate others due to your own sense of low Self Esteem? When you look in the mirror do you like what you see or do you hear an old tape playing. If you are dealing with a weight challenge or anything else that may be causing you suffering – it will all relate back to your level of Self Esteem and how much you respect and love yourself. We will be going into this in greater depth in the months to come, for now lets introduce you to your chakras and have a little fun with an energy visualization.

As we do the energy exercise for the month, and for your own benefit, create a sacred space where you can practice these exercises. Sacred means that you will not be disturbed by phones or kids for at least ten minutes. It also means somewhere that you feel good, and that is neat and tidy.


1. Sit in a comfortable position.

2. Begin to become conscious of your breath and feel the breath intimately follow the breath for a few rounds, noticing what distracts you and quietly bringing yourself back to your breath.

3. Allow your imagination to go to the crown of your head and focus on”opening” up the crown chakra by visualizing expansiveness, infinity and the world beyond our planet.

4. Now imagine that you have 100 currents of energy coming down to you through the expansive universe. Consider that everyone has the same amount to begin with. Next allow yourself to move down your spine with that store of energy, and beginning with your base chakra at the root of the spine ask yourself if you loose any power here to concepts about security, your right to be here, your right to have what you need, and especially, if you loose any of your power to your family beliefs about who they perceive you to be. (weight, career. marriage etc.) Determine the “value of how much of your personal Power or Energy is lost here.

5. Next move up to the area just behind the navel – the second chakra. This chakra represents your area’s of personal finance, relationships, ethics in relationship, and your creativity. Again ask yourself how do I relate to money? To my sensuality? To an intimate partner – do I control or am I controlled? What are my ethics regarding relationships? Am I creative and am I able to express my feelings? Note again the value of currents here that may be drained to improper function.

Moving to the area at the solar plexus your third chakra – the area of Self Esteem. Who intimidates you? Who do you intimidate? How fluid are you at speaking your truth? or do you compromise and move in situations from the back door? Note here when you stop expressing yourself midsentence or change the subject. Who violates your boundaries? Whose boundaries do you violate? Give yourself a value for the currents of energy you may be loosing here.

6. At your heart is your fourth chakra. How do you feel generally – connected to life? to yourself? Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to forgive you? Do you love yourself? Can you accept yourSelf as the primary and most important relationship in your life? Can you love unconditionally or do you always have a personal agenda? Score yourself here as well.
Keep in mind that you may run into a deficit by this time, kind of like our governments!

7. Next we focus on your throat area. This is your fifth chakra – the power of your will. You need to ask yourself how often you keep from saying what you feel and from speaking your truth. This area also governs how intact our will is, are there things in your life that have more control over you than you over it or them. This could be substances, food, relationships etc. Do you loose energy here and on our scale of 100 available currents what value does your drain represent?

8. From the throat we move up to the space between your eyes – known as the sixth chakra or the third eye in yogic traditions. This is the intellect and the center of knowingness and intuition. How well do you respond and follow your hunches/intuition. Are you loosing energy here due to self doubt? Is your need to know why rather than to understand and live your life’s questions draining your energy. Do you think too much. How would you rate your deficit or drain here?

9. Here at the seventh chakra you need to ask yourself how connected you feel to life. To all of life, to your breath, to yourself, to a higher power, to your globe and all of the people who live here at this time. Do you doubt a greater intelligence or do you feel perplexed by life’s big questions. How much are you able to trust in synchronicity, destiny, and your Infinite Self?

After completing this ENERGY EXERCISE, take a moment to look at your score. Take a moment to review which area or chakra has the biggest drain. This would be an area you may want to do some subsequent work on. For now, just become aware of who or what you leak energy to, and in what circumstances. Keep track of that until month end when we will be working with re-programming these deficits.

Remember you can only run at a deficit for a short while before you start to “cost” yourself in some way. If we all have 100 currents of energy available and we are loosing 20 to our issues of security, 20 to the voice in our head that says we are too fat, 30 to a belief that being powerful is arrogant and undesirable, then we only have 40 currents left to run our whole energy system. Somewhere the body system will need to make up for the deficit, which is where illness, stress, dis-ease come in. Do yourself a favor. Listen to the warning signals before they cause a problem. Get to know your energetic system as intimately as you know your computer or palm pal and you will be amazed at the results.

NEXT MONTH: Re-programming and Re-claiming your energy centers!