A Room with a View

On our way to the hospital this morning we made a pre destination stop to pick up some fresh papaya and avocados for Mary-Jo.

Upon arrival at the Intensive Care Unit, we had another amazing surprise awaiting us. Along with a beautiful smile from Mary-Jo; she lifts her arms to demonstrate the accomplishment of the morning, full movement in her elbow joints.

My spirit becomes so elated when I see her. She has so much strength and determination. She is so beautiful and handles all the commotion with such grace. She greets every hospital staff with a warm hello and never fails to ask how they are doing, or how their day is going. Every time they leave she never forgets a name or fails to say thank you. It is truly such an honour to be in her presence, let alone be her daughter. Her bed was basically a mini gym, there is a long metal rod that is elevated and runs from the top of her bed to the bottom. They have fastened elastic medical bandages to the top of the rod with safety pins, and they droop down to above her level and then return back to the rod. So she can reach up and hook her arms in the loops and do exercises. Now keep in mind this is all happening in the Intensive Care Unit. All of the staff are so inspired by her attitude, her progress and her health.

We read The Lord of the Rings to her today, she loves the book. All the while she is receiving arm massages and shoulder rubs. She tells us that when we rub her arms she can feel them coming alive again. Her muscles are warm and strong. Today I was sitting by her side reading to her and massaging her right arm I could feel the nerves twitching. I gave her a look and she said “see my nerves are already growing and regrouping. I can feel them.”

At about 3:00 pm we got the go ahead and her room was ready up in the spinal ward. So we packed up all her vitamins and cards and headed up to her new digs. What an amazing view, if being that close to heaven doesn’t have an effect on the healing process I don’t know what would. It is stunning, she has a full scope view into the core of downtown and right onto the harbor. It was a sunny gorgeous day and the light scheme that flooded into her room surrounded her with the most opaque and pastel pinks and teal blues. It was truly magical and the light reflected all of the prayers and healing energy you all have been sending her.

After she enjoyed the view we were able to move all of the flowers into her room. She is so at awe and so grateful for all the beautiful bouquets and messages that all of you have sent. Now that she is up in the spinal ward, her rehabilitation process will begin. The nurses and doctors are so excited to work with her. They are so amazed by her progress, attitude and strength just from reading the reports and talking with her previous nurses and us. Everyday I never fail to mention all of the support, love and prayers that are coming in. Your letters and emails bring tears to her eyes and faith to her heart. Gratitude is and attitude and that attitude is undoubtedly contagious, so we are sending so much of that gratitude and possivity back to you all. Thank you all so much.


She is telling us what she needs

She looks great, and she’s more alert then ever. Since the moment the tubes have been out of her mouth she has been positive and smiling. She’s starting to take a little food and water.

Of course there are going to be moments that are more challenging and scary. We have to help her cough and she gets tired very easily. But she is finding peace with the circumstances and she is positive and determined towards the goal of healing. She has so much courage and has such an amazingly positive and faithful attitude. I never want to leave her side, every time I come to see her she has an amazing accomplishment to tell me about, or work towards with me and this is only her second day after her surgery and heavy sedation. Her arms are getting stronger, and she is able to move her wrists a little. She still has no finger movement, but Katie felt a little bend of her fingers at one point. She had two physio appointments. She sat up for half an hour today, with assistance. She is so mentally, emotionally and physically strong. The physiotherapist is just amazed by her progress. On her request she is off of all the painkillers. She knows they will wreak havoc with her nervous system. I have been giving her all of the vitamins and supplements she requested (Vitamin C, MSM, Chlorella, etc.), the moment she could speak. We even got her some Extreme Greens and a little soup (made by a Laura, a dear family friend). The nurses and doctors at The Vancouver General are doing a truly amazing job. I cannot begin to express the admiration and gratitude I have for the teams in the OR, recovery, ICU and the spinal ward. Also the social workers and support teams have been incredible with all of the paperwork, information and assistance. My heartfelt thanks goes out to everybody, for your concern, support, healing energy, prayers, donations and offers of help. I constantly tell my mom about all of the wonderful offers she is receiving. I know she can feel it all coming to her and she is so humbled and grateful. There are at least 10 guardian angels in her room working overtime and the positive energy that surrounds her is unreal.

I have read her all the e-mails you have sent and relayed the messages from all of the numerous phone conversations to her. I hope my words can offer some insight and information. Thanking you all so much just doesn’t seem like enough right now, but it’s a thank you from the deepest depths of my soul. A thank you that is borm out of the love that I have for my mom, thats an amazingly huge thank you.