A heartfelt THANK YOU from the Fetterly Family

As most of you already know, it has now been approximately one month since Mary-Jo’s skiing accident, the result of which has left her paralysed.

Nothing could have prepared us for the range of emotions which came barrelling at us – shock, disbelief, profound sadness and grief. Nothing could have prepared us for that first week in Vancouver – doctors, nurses, operations, medical equipment, questions, arrangements, crying, hoping, and praying. And nothing could have prepared us for the deeply powerful blanket of love and support which has carried us through it all – friends, family, acquaintances and community. There are simply too many of you to mention by name, but you know who you are, as do we. Some of you we have met via your generous pilgrimages to Vancouver. Some of you we know through remarkable web sites and fundraising efforts. Some through warm phone calls, beautiful letters and flowers and pictures. Some of you we know through your tireless contributions in arranging Mary-Jo’s affairs. Some of you we know through your thoughts and prayers. Some we know through Amanda, Mary-Jo, and Kate’s images. And some of you we know personally. But most importantly we want all of you to know that we feel your support in whatever form it may take and we are profoundly and deeply grateful to each and every one of you.

No one knows exactly what the future holds for Mary-Jo, but we are all embarking on it together, with her. It is heartening to know that as Mary-Jo faces her new future, with all that it will bring, she will be surrounded and supported by people such as you who are our daily reminder of just what the human spirit is all about.

With Love & deepest gratitude,
Norm, Ruth, Patty, Joe, Anne, Mary-Jo, Carol, Amanda & Kate.


The Never-ending Journey

I have been meaning to reach out to all of you, in response to your cards, prayers, contributions and support. Normally, this would be an effortless gesture, as my way of being in the world. However that is not the case presently as you all know.

My body is close to completely out of my control, so I must express myself almost entirely from my neck up. This may be a contradiction, as I’ve always believed that we are not to be held captive by our minds. This paradox is a curious and challenging place to reside. Nonetheless, it is my home at this time. Making peace with this home is a moment-to-moment exercise in non-attchment of the truest sense. I don’t mean to be nobel or egotistical in that statement by infering that this is either easy or natural, because I am “Mary-Jo.” Quite the contrary, the obstacles are perhaps more indulged because of peoples’ and my own perceptions of who Mary-jo is. I am in this capacity like every other human: afraid, uncertain,perplexed, and subject to forces beyond my control. The grace that I am afforded is my unflinching faith and deep sense of divine order (and no patience for the monkey on the back!) A brief word about my rehab, which I guess some of you may be curious about. It is not actually about me. It is about the people who I am working with, until this time I had no concept of this world and of the service, devotion, and dedication that the people involved express. I have never in my life experienced this level of care and service in any of my able body endevours. This strikes me as possibly one of the most fascinating components of this journey. Kate Bridger elequently expressed in an email to me, how easy it is for us to fall back into our comfort zones and routines, post various enlightening events. This is a dangerous place, because we lose the devotion of our hearts to serving one another. We become numb, and self centered directly around our own concerns. If we could all care for one another, and afford each other the dignity and respect that we all so rightly deserve, we would be expressing divine grace in its most realistic form. I hope that you are all doing well, and enjoying life. I need you, and appreciate all that you are offering at this time. Please continue to hold the girls and me in your prayers, as you so graciously have.

Love Mary-Jo