Three Times the Fun : Reunited Fall 2004

Even more inexplicable is the love that we share with people when life shows us how precious it really is.

The sun pounds down on my back as I reach what seems to be the thousandth stairway from the beach to the top. It’s a long way up, I think to myself how lucky I am to be able to make this climb; to hop up from my towel, play in the waves, and to feel the sand beneath my toes. Physically I feel the weak points scream. Mentally I focus my thoughts to MJ, pushing herself up off her lap with no enervated abdominals, wheeling down the hall with very limited triceps, waking up at 6 am every morning to practice breath, yoga, and meditation. Every time my heart beats faster, my lungs feel smaller or my muscles feel strained I take my mind to her. She is the strength in my step, the motivation in my movement, the inspiration in my ideas and the catalyst of my courage. So like each great step of the stairway we now stand before a whole new flight of stairs. In September Katelynn, MJ and I will be living together for the first time in eight months since the accident. With school and work fast approaching for all three of us, the future is starting to take on a more imaginable image. It’s been such a pleasure to begin to consider paint samples for the apartment, and look forward to a time where we can all eat and sleep under the same roof again.

July and August have been an amazing time to watch MJ flourish and grow, she has spread her wings a number of times now. She recently facilitated a Level 2 Teacher Training in Nelson. During all of the long days at ICU and being a part of her rehab at GF strong there was one image in my mind that enabled me to be by her side 100 percent, it was the image of her in front of her students again. Hearing her voice and watching her guide her students to perform amazing physical art of yoga, was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed.

Going through the accident, being a part of my family, the community and all the new people I have met here has given me gifts, strength and inspiration that I may never be able to describe in these web logs. There comes a time when life tests us, each individually and as a whole. We find a strength in ourselves that is inexplicable. But even more inexplicable is the love that we share with people when life shows us how precious it really is. As we climb the stairway of life we never know what will greet us at the top, but if you stop for a second and say yes to the climb wherever you end up will be divine.