The Seeds are Planted

Hello family, friends and acquaintances of Trinity Yoga. This is either an early or a very late newsletter if it were following the usual protocol and arriving sometime at the beginning of the month.

It just so happens that the fullness of spring had all of us at Trinity doing overtime and then some, and rather than wait I felt the need to get this late newsletter out to you all. I hope you enjoy the musing and news as you watch your gardens grow.

Some of us were back in Toronto in early May, at the Toronto Yoga Show. It was an industrious and prolific time, planting seeds of possibility, growth and inspiration to new friends. The show felt different this year, for various reasons. This time, Trinity as an entity felt much more stable and grounded and clear of purpose. This is the result of many things, the least of which has been our willingness as individuals to move through the conflict of growing pains and rise up to the challenge of responding to feedback, guidance and change. It is this response which I will be speaking to and how it is something that all of us, both personally and professionally are being called to act upon.

Spring is a time of great change and if your world is similar to mine you will personally be either experiencing or observing lots of change, besides the great displays by Mother Nature. I for one have direct exposure in my home to many examples of people shifting, re-organizing, moving, ending long term relationships or starting a new regime.

So much of our learning can be derived from nature. As a seed makes its way toward the sun to ‘become’ its destiny it encounters first and foremost resistance; an organism in trouble with disease is responding in actuality, to negative feedback – without these types of feedback challenges, change and growth would not occur. Our fear of conflict in this format and our habitual dishonesty about the Truth of ourselves can cripple our growth and progress and leave us to accept and look like fools. That’s not what we really need nor want, nor what serves us in the long run.

Taking that first step toward your Truth, toward telling the Truth, toward living a more congruous life is as difficult as it is liberating. As a culture we are not too accustomed to it, which is perhaps why we are witnessing more and more personal challenges that draw us into the conflict and the uneasiness. Stay centered and grounded, especially now as the bar rises. Practice your yoga on and off the mat, paying particular attention to maintaining a non-reactive peaceful state of mind, through the guidance of the yogic wisdom of Yamas and Niyamas (which I will post on the web site).

Now is a great time to gravitate toward positive individuals, on a similar conscious path.

We need this support and community especially to test out our new skins of honesty and courage. Perhaps a summer retreat may be a reward for all of your sincere efforts. Jennifer Steed is co-hosting one in a stellar location this summer.

That’s about it for now. Next month I’ll update you on new course offerings and products as well as an awesome review of workshops/retreats some of us have been attending.

Be well.