Planting Seeds, The rites of Spring.
Hello. I am thrilled, perhaps like many, to see the bursts of confident colors pushing through the last grasps of winterfs deep chill. Here we are, just past spring equinox and before the birth or resurrection, of new life and initiatives. We are no doubt in a season of change, amidst a time of change. The shift from the dark inner embers of winter to the spring stirrings of undeveloped seedfs, be they thoughts or zinnias, so mirror the personal experience at this time. These collective rhythms embrace us all like the tide whether we are aware of it or not.
It is no surprise to me that many of the general conversations I am hearing from people these days are expressing things about major life challenges, such as dealing with drastic health issues, relationship & family upsets, to making important choices- or perhaps noticing the drain of ones you may have previously made under illusion or denial. Oh yes, it is time for planting again, and the universe has been aligning things to jolt us out of our sleeping patterns in order to prepare the soil for these auspicious times. Some of these mechanisms are obvious like a major weather shift, or an entire country altered by an election and the energy of a new leader. Other forces that influence us can be more subtle, especially if we arenft conscious of them, such as karmic patterns. Nonetheless most of us could agree there are many changes afoot. I certainly feel and notice these powerful forces and shifts at work in my life, how about you?
When we have more information we are better able to see the interrelatedness of things and it helps us to understand the small picture, and cope with the impact of an occurrence by seeing it in the bigger light. For instance, when we consider the new position of Jupiter this spring we discover that Jupiterfs influence is timely. Jupiter (good fortune/expansion) in its least expansive of its placements (taking the place of stern Saturn) will force countries and individuals to take a scrupulous look at their use of resources. Jupiterfs influence will not tolerate wasteful spending, excessive behavior, irresponsibility, or hoarding. Of course there is more to it, here is the link to the vedic astrologer I am citing www.dgoldsteinphd.com , suffice it to say nonetheless there is a lot of that gre-structuringh going on, and it isnft just the Americans. We are all in some way going to be feeling Jupiterfs influence ¡V especially beginning in March and throughout the year.
Personally I canft imagine not having some sort of reference point to help understand and consolidate these experiences – an overarching philosophical world view that diffuses and cancels negative fears and doubts with its wisdom. That world view for me needs to be broad enough to address everything from the nature of the current financial crisis, to the ways energy moves in my body; to astronomy, astrology, anatomy, physics, even the nature of the mind ¡V It needs to explain it all. Yoga is the science of consciousness; energetic and physical, it sees and acknowledges the patterns or ways in which energy/nature/life force ¡V such as the seasons – moves and behaves. And it is also a methodology for creating the perfect environment physically, mentally and spiritually for providing that very life force the best possible environment for consciousness to occur.
In a time of intense movement of life forces – the spring equinox and the renewal and influence of the astrological skies spurring new beginnings – we are in a prime place to align, clean out and re-design. Attuning yourself to the natural cycles and creating rituals and practices to honor and imbue the power of creation is highly beneficial and rewarding. Many of these techniques reflect the processes at work already, such as weeding the garden for sowing, flushing of rivers, removal of old debri. Here some of the practices I have found helpful and which you may want to consider.
The yogic tradition, like many traditions, offer guidance for this time such as doing a fast or an internal cleanse. An ayurvedic practice, such as panchakama was revered at this time for clearing the ama or wastes and building ojas or fire as well as willpower. Try looking up www.indigoyogahealing.com which describe these practices in detail. You can also find a recipe on Mary-Jofs site www.mary-jo.com for gkitcherieh a single bowl food that is excellent for cleansing and fasting on. Remember the importance of staying ggroundedh by doing simple sama vriti ¡V equal breathing with the inhale and exhale; you can also visualize deep roots growing down from your spine into the earth; & check out trinityfs website www.trinityyoga.net for the Dragon & Tiger practice or any other guided meditation from the classical Tantra yoga tradition.
In addition, attempt to do some sort of a renunciation practice, ideally giving up some habit or rut to a new rite or ritual ¡V this could be as simple as switching any negative thought, belief or judgment as soon as it arises to a neutral place or opposite in a state of acceptance and love. There is also much to be said for committing to a new practice at this time under the guidance of your teacher or someone you trust. With all of the external change and upheaval around us, it is essential to stay peaceful and calm, drawing deep from the eternal wellsprings of Truth and Light.
We here at Trinity are similarly going through change and new beginnings. In the hopes of offering you – the students, the very finest of what yoga has to offer and in giving time to incubate what my place is in that ¡V we will maintain our roots and yours and be available as we reformat, call or write at the usual coordinates. Please stay tuned for our new growth. In the meantime Ifd like to introduce to some, and rekindle for many, an old friend and Trinity gal – Sharon Thompson who will be tending the roots of our connections through the Trinity newsletter, welcome Sharon!
Blessings of love & Light,

Hello Fellow Trinity Yoga Alumni. This is Sharon Thompson.

I am writing to keep in touch with my fellow Trinity Yoga Teachers. This creation started with a conversation with Mary Jo where I made a comment something like this; “I would like to stay in touch with my Trinity Yoga community.” To my amazement the energy flowed with these simple words and evolved into the opportunity to communicate with all of you at one time. Writing this column for the newsletter, I am keeping in touch and creating a space for future connections for all the Trinity Yoga Alumni. How exciting for all of us.

I will refresh your memory by introducing myself as a reminder of our connection with Trinity Yoga. My name is Sharon Thompson, perhaps you will know me as your classmate and fellow graduate of Trinity Yoga teacher program during the year 2004/05. Others may have met me as a facilitator during their Trinity Yoga Teacher training program throughout your Level 1, 2 or 3 the following years in Alberta and BC. Some of you may know me as Mary Jo’s personnel assistant. No matter what – After my graduation from teacher training the door of my life blew wide open. Opening my heart, trusting my intuition, & believing in myself allowed me to accept invitations for growth and self development. Time on my yoga mat, Trinity Yoga personnel development skills, and encouragement from family and friends, gave me wings to relocated to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Yes, letting go of my Alberta roots and following my heart, I am blessed to live and work at the beach. My yoga is developing with yoga retreats, workshops and learning with an Iyengar teacher.

Trusting my heart, asking myself want makes me happy has expanded my talents into the gift of touch with bodywork and massage. Now I am blessed to be surrounded by Mother Earthfs beauty giving people the gift of healing touch, by the grace of god. There were challenges along the way, tears of letting go, fears of unspoken doubts, however through it all was trust in the flow and my faith in the feeling this being right. I found the courage to move through the process and find contentment.

So, Trinity Yoga Alumni I thank you for the opportunity to share with you my life since graduation. More importantly, I invite you to keep in touch by offering your heartfelt memories of your teacher training, new adventures and lifestyle challenges, or perhaps a little insight to whats happening in your life now. I have feelings of love, and support for the bond that connects us through the fellowship of Trinity Yoga Alumni. Today, I am wishing for more experiences, sharing more adventures, and caring for each of our growth and development. Trinity Yoga Alumni let’s keep in touch. Blessings from Sharon