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Mary-Jo Fetterly

Mary-Jo Fetterly

"In the great school of life, everything is our teacher"

Hello, I’m Mary-Jo. I excel where human engagement is emphasized and people’s capacities and potential are cultivated. I am passionate about yoga, movement, personal development, Nature, consciousness and, diversity and inclusion; especially after becoming paralyzed 18 years ago, with two teens. I bring years of lived experience to my yoga teaching, energy healing, and coaching.

What Make Us Special?

I am Certified in Energy Anatomy with Carolyn Myss, a Certified Health & Life Coach and Yoga & Mindfulness teacher/therapist I have diverse skills that straddle from human relations to designing the written training manuals and courses that translate ideas into reality. My position with the University of Toronto has involved building the frameworks, then administering coaching and Mindfulness programs to the disabled SCI community. As a Certified Yoga Therapist, I like to facilitate a holistic integration of body, mind, and Spirit.

In addition to creating and building businesses – cafés, yoga studios, and national training programs, I am a UG student (U of Waterloo)of Social Work/Social Development. It is my belief that if we make away, we can find a way that will include everybody even those who don’t think they can – because we can. I like to think green, buy locally, and live sustainably, leaving the world a better place.

A Great Place to Grow

My process has led me to an ever-deepening appreciation for the essence of life, and strengthened my connection to life through the part of me that is greater than my physical and emotional challenges. One thing I know to be true is that we need to develop virtues, resilience and endurance in order to meet life’s challenges and become better by them.

The nurturing of body, mind and spirit becomes the essential pathway for healing and transformation of any type of obstacles along our way. Letting go, surrender and humility help us to discover that deep, abiding peace and love are truly our essential nature.

I believe we can guide each other home to that place, preserve nature and all life, and make our world better.


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