Retreat of Choice

Do you feel like your life has been metaphorically paralyzed? The passion and devotion of those who have purpose amidst this crisis, is inspiring and heartwarming. In contrast you may feel like your well-thought-out plans, your once burgeoning project, your special “this year’s event” has been hijacked and blown-up in midair. And it has. And yes, it stinks.

Resiliency in Changing Times

I’m not sure about you, but for me most everything this past year, including Christmas was different. From my own…

Your Healing Life

In the ebb and flow of life and the healing journey, fluctuations are inherent and inevitable. This would include our…

A Place You’ve Never Been Before

After the occasion of January’s Super, Wolf, Blood total eclipsing moon last Sunday, I noticed with enthusiasm a number of people, commenting that watching the event was transformative, even mystical. That – seeing our galactic lunar companion, go from a luminous flat disk to a deep red, three dimensional, sphere, shifted, not just the night sky, but them. I felt that too.