Energy Programs

Last insert we discussed the concept of how energy is used and stored in the body in thought form by introducing you to the �垍akras�. After establishing a few precepts for how things work ￯¿� both from a scientific (quantum physics), and a philosophical (Chakra) system we were able to determine that:

1. Everything is energy

2. Thought is a form of energy

3. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

4. Therefore blocked energy or destructive energy needs to be transformed or re-directed.

5. Chakras the wheels or disks in your body are like disk we use in the computer world. They store programmed information. They exist as dynamic energies, and can help us understand the way energy is processed by a human being, within the vast and complex interplay of our multi-leveled existence.

6. We can further think of charkas as floppy disks that contain vital programs. They contain details such as how much money we need, what we are willing to do for that money, what constitutes a threat to our survival, and what makes us feel secure or insecure. Likewise, we have programs for sexuality, power, love and communication. In this analogy the body is the hardware, our programming is our software, and the Self is the user. Although we did not write all of these programs, consider we had a propensity to attract the people and experiences that contributed to the script. Some of these programs have become completely unconscious and habitual, their language unintelligible, until they begin to cause problems.
How do our programs cause problems, and how can the charkas help? We know now that our thoughts create our reality. This paradigm of understanding the world is common language now, with quantum physics, new age philosophy and even medicine affirming this truth. For the most part we love this concept. We can decide where we歀Þ live how much money we want to make, whether we want to exercise or not � and in what form, to what we want to eat or wear. If we track back, every choice is first made in the thought process. The place that this becomes tricky and where we decide we donᅨ¦ like this power, is when we have to be accountable for everything we think, say, and do. Most of us would rather only believe this divine law half time � when it suits us, certainly not if we can blame someone else for our lot or our troubles. It is a big concept to grasp- that we ultimately do create our reality, and has a lot of responsibility connected to it. However as we would admit, choice equals power and freedom and in the end, when all is said and done what we are all searching for.

The other way that this can become difficult to grasp is when something uncomfortable or challenging happens, illness, relationship issues, or any problem. IN this instance we may look at our lives and say, ¥ףhy is this happening to me? I went to church, I paid my bills, I am a good mother��.on and on� We fail to remember that we may have set things up long ago by the way we were thinking and only now are the fruits of our thoughts coming forward. Or we need to acknowledge that we have many programs that may be running us unconsciously and producing the results we are living today. This is fascinating work, and so necessary to develop our power to choose and our ability to manage our energy. We need to know our own roadmaps, as Dr. Carolynn Mysss would say ￯¿� so that we can decide where we want to go and what may be keeping us from doing so.

For this insert lets look at each of the charkas so that we may become more familiar with what type of energy they process and how they function in our bodies. I did mention in the last installment that I would be giving you tools to help you unblock your charkas and I will in the next installment. This time I feel it is important to continue to lay the foundations.

There is a lot of good information out there on charkas so in no means am I attempting to rewrite some very worthy work. This is a basic map and one that you may want to expand on as your interest and need dictate.

1. Chakra number one is the root chakra or the base/foundation chakra in your body. It is responsible for all issues relating to stability, physical health, trust and family. It corresponds to the feeling of your �贸ght to be here� and is concerned with survival. The color for this chakra is deep red.

2. Chakra number two is based at the genitals, abdomen and sacroiliac spine. Its central issues revolve around sexuality, emotions, power in relationship, with regard to money and creativity. It relates to your �贸ght to feel￯¿�, your ability to express yourself sexually, creatively and take care of yourself financially. Color for number two chakra is orange.

3. The third Chakra is located at the solar plexus and relates to issues of self-worth and self esteem. It also is responsible for issues around power but as they relate to how you feel about yourself, how able you are to maintain your sense of self and the courage to be Self-defined. In so many ways, if your esteem is enact your right �³o act� is never at risk, and you have the courage to do what you are inspired and need to do, to feel good. The color here is yellow

4. The fourth chakra corresponds to the heart and is very much concerned with love and relationships, but perhaps from a little different perspective than # 2. Here we encounter the true meaning of Love, which is the ability to act unreservedly with compassion, with no attachment, or conditions. This is only possible with total Self-love and self-acceptance; otherwise # 2 needs, excesses or deficiencies often generate our ove￯¿�. The right to love and be loved is experienced in a heart that is healthy. The color here is green

5. The fifth chakra is located at your throat and represents your communication center. Here we understand communication best by the right to speak our truth � both to others and ourselves. Lies in any form to yourself or others cost us energetically and here the ability to be congruent with ourselves and how we live our lives is essential to Self-expression and happiness. The color here is royal blue.

6. The sixth chakra is situated behind the eyebrows often referred to as the �￳hird eye�. This chakra is connected to our intuition, our imagination and to our ability to self reflects. The sense of clarity and clear sight is a functioning sixth chakra with its right to �ee� well developed. The common error here is to live in our illusions and see those thoughts ideas, perceptions as being true. The color here is indigo.

7. The seventh Chakra is located at the crown and the cerbral cortex. Your awareness is processed here as well as your right to know. Knowingness is a very vast topic and we are capable of great knowingness when we have all seven charkas spinning unencumbered by any blockages. The connection to all is then felt as a given not as a concept. This charkas color is violet.

I hope that gives you an idea of your own fascinating system of energy processing/distribution. I look forward to next installment where we will delve into what constitutes a weak chakra and how to deal with that.

Published by Mary-Jo

I am passionate about diversity, inclusion, sustainability and community. Having raised my children in a small B.C. town as a single parent, I relied on the community, my resourcefulness and the land to sustain us. We developed a market farm,built a cafe and catering business that utilized the produce, local farmers and families to thrive. As a Waldorf school parent I became experienced in biodiversity, edible landscapes and community engagement. I gained substantial skills in leadership, facilitation, project management, communication through teaching yoga and running various business's. My role as a facilitator and trainer to individuals seeking to become a yoga teacher- whom never thought that they could stand in front of a room and speak in public, gave me insight into human nature and coaching. In addition to designing and building businesses - cafés, yoga studios and national training programs, I am a student of Social Development & Social Psychology and understand the complexity and importance of social engagement. I can handle with grace most any situation, having encountered a disability later in life. Consequent to becoming disabled and through advocacy and providing peer support I have trained and acquired extensive exposure and understanding of UN principles on disability, The Human Rights objectives, theories and principles of Universal Design and the various challenges and obstacles for those affected and the relationship to various stakeholders. After 30 years of teaching yoga, my spinal cord injury and subsequent sabbatical has allowed for the integration of my yoga and more in-depth study of the Healing Arts. I have had the fortune of working with some of the best in the field of rehabilitation, Somatic Experiencing and manual therapy including Emilie Conrad, Mark Finch, Judy Russel, Rod Stryker, Carolyn Myss, Ana Forest, & Tim Miller, Susan Harper, Mariah Moser, Herta Buller and Nature.