Involution and Evolution: The Real Solution

Hi everone. I’m winding down my body after a challenging few days. My latest experiment has been to construct a full body “jolly jumper” down here in the land of magical manifestation. A jolly jumper falls into one of my notions that if I create the right environment for healing to occur – it will, thats nature. If I knick my hand, and take care of the details, my body will do the rest – heal itself. The jolly jumper also represents another notion I have about the body in its wisdom and mystery – the body is movement, the pulse of life, that is its nature. When external “out in the world movement is reduced (either by choice or chance) one becomes more aware and intimate of moving with/into the inner rythyms of your beingness.. something I had mentioned in my latest weblog/video Baba Hari Dass’s