Mission Possible

Her ability to Love, Love and then Love some more.

As I sit here struggling to find some sort of brilliance to post on my moms Website I realize maybe that’s just not the right approach. Are you sitting there looking for brilliance? Probably not. Your main concern is how MJ is doing… have her fingers moved yet? Does she have any feeling in her legs? How has her Physio been going? Has she found a place to live?

Time has a way of wedging itself between incident and result. Mary-Jo was critically injured 5 months ago … this incident produced a result in me to be at my computer every night communicating how she was doing. Because then it was imperative information as to weather or not she would even breathe on her own. Now as she grows so much stronger I make the assumption that you all already know that… silly me, because I am the one that’s supposed to be telling you… So to start of the tale of recovery I will update you on the physical aspect. Her gorgeous yoga arms are regaining most of there muscle and ability back. That left triceps that we have nurtured back into the world of movement is now 20% better then the 0% which the accident left it at. She can now do transfers onto a flat level surface all on her own. This is an amazing accomplishment because it will be critical for her to do her own transfers in order to drive a car and get into bed by her self. Her rectus abdominal are making return also which is stellar because they are below the level of injury. She has a spot on her right foot that she can feel. Her fingers are gaining much more sensation and hopefully many massages later they too will join the group of return. She is receiving Cranial Sacral and soon she will be getting acupuncture. Along with the Vitamins C, B and E, flax oil, MSM, Chorella, Primrose, Cystoforce and anti viral droplets, she eats an impressive diet of greens proteins and whole grains. Overall I dare to say she is healthier then you or I. With Starbucks and milk chocolate as the supporters of what we like to call “healthy” indulgences.

But most impressively it is the amazing spirit that she exudes. The ability to laugh at herself, calm the stressed, practice patience as if waiting for eternity, love, love and then love some more, give anything she has just to see a smile, offer advice to help others, listen so intently as if receiving directions for life, and surrender so gracefully to a place that is so challenging.

Now we are at a point which is the fine life between Hospital and Home. She has been out of the hospital for her weekend back to Nelson and recently we went to Victoria to visit Katie. Bringing her back to the white walls and call bells is hard. Physically it is very evident that she is ready to be back in the world. So now as we stand between the sliding doors of GF Strong and the surrounding world we eagerly seek the next Home Sweet Home.