In January 2004, Mary-Jo Fetterly, broke her back in a tragic ski accident, leaving her paralyzed. Mary-Jo was back teaching yoga only three months after her accident, now from her wheelchair, with a whole new understanding of the physical form and the essence of Yoga. As a mother of two daughters, an equestrian horse back rider, an accomplished chef and a body worker, Mary Jo is a pillar of strength in our community. She has been an active member in the Yoga community for twenty years and is now an active member in the Spinal Cord Research movement. Currently she is the President of Trinity Yoga, a board member of Yoga Outreach, an advisor to both the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Strategy Group and the Yoga Association of British Columbia, a senior teacher of Yoga Association of BC, and a member of the Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers.

Mary-Jo is also the founder of Trinity Yoga, a yoga system and yoga teacher training program developed in 2000 in British Columbia. Since that time, Trinity has trained hundresd of students across Canada, authored three teacher training manuals, and acquired international certification as a Yoga Teacher Training Institute. As Trinity continues to expand the Teacher Training program across Canada, the company remains true to it旧 mission statement, 荘o make yoga accessible to people of all walks of life, to bring the essence of yoga to the world.