Rays of Light

It’s a gorgeous day in Vancouver and we sit in the park surrounded by beautiful faces and nutritious food. Mary-Jo sits gracefully in her chair, instead of looking at what is in the moment physically frozen, she looks into our eyes and expresses her extreme grattitude for this life. She is now quite successfully feeding herself, with the help of an ingenious wrist-attached fork. Her left wrist has gained increased strength and movement which, for her prognosis, is incredible. Her left arm is more severely paralyzed then her right, so any advancement made there is yet another little piece of heaven, shining trough our physical bodies. A few days ago I was able to look at her X rays pre-surgery. My stomach must have flipped about five times. Quite a graphic break to say the least, her spinal cord was held out of position at about a 90 degree angle. Because of this, it is a true and remarkable gift that she is able to talk , breathe and comprehend normally. Her charm and beauty radiate throughout the halls at GF strong. All of the patients and staff are drawn to her noble presence and zest for life.

Even a life that is different from the one she once walked.