Revolve, Solve, Evolve – Solstice 2016 – Forward to the Light

Whew! 2016 – quite a year. Breathe in, Breathe out, Relax, Repeat.

All of life is a great pulse, a rhythm of involution and Evolution.

Life is the mystery, magic and experience of Evolution.

The Earth and Universe breathe-in and Breath out, too.

We cannot avoid the inevitable. We are in it. We must hold fast and ride the wave and not get caught in the undertow.

The return of the light, the shift of the exhale to the inhale is the axis point. The forward thrust -the inhale, inspiration, the crashing wave, forward motion. The Light and Evolution will always be more potent that the retreat – the involution, the dark.

We must bravely ride the wave. Four years is a grain of sand in the timeline of humanity, however a grain of can cause significant distortion if not held in check.

Hold fast to what you know is true and right and keep moving toward the light. We need involution to evolve. The crucible for Solstice is to honour the tipping point, the pause. The journey of life is to continue to evolve our consciousness more and more toward embodying the light beings that we are.