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1967-2017 and Fifty Years since “The Summer of Love”

“A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.”
1967, The San Francisco Oracle

The ‘Summer of Love’ remembered by many as the ‘hippie & flower children’ days, was a social phenomena originating in the San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury region. It drew hundreds of thousands of wide-eyed youth, artists, musicians and bohemians that wanted social change (Vietnam anti-war peace movement) and who sought community and sharing, rather than ownership. Freedom of expression with a generalized anti-establishment tone made this counterculture movement one of the most significant cultural events perhaps since the 1800 Age of Enlightenment.

“Haight Ashbury was a ghetto of bohemians who wanted to do anything—and we did but I don’t think it has happened since. Yes there was LSD. But Haight Ashbury was not about drugs. It was about exploration, finding new ways of expression, being aware of one’s existence, and sharing the Love.” The Grateful Dead

I was 10 years old at the time and I know much of the Summer of Love idealism influenced my worldview to this day. Lyrics of songs by Jefferson Starship The Beattles, Procol Harem, Manas & The Papas and many more immortalized the Summer of Love Beat Generation mood of the day. I still believe that love is the answer, especially within the disturbing political and social landscape that exists now, 50 years later, where we again face a critical time to either evolve or destruct.

Love is the occurrence of expansion of our consciousness, beyond even our physical limitations, which swells our hearts in the depts of joy, pain or grief to feel far beyond any notion or concept of the mind. It is a inner rebellion against all of the illusions of fear. It is a evolutionarily process that has expanded our brain with its’ consciousness.

To be in the state of love we need to be in present time, otherwise it is not love, but likely any number of emotions: desire, need, possession, longing – which are not directly associated with this evolved state of being. Many yogis and spiritual seekers describe the state of love as an unconditional place where you experience your being ‘at- one’ with everything – no attachment, avoidance, judgment, grasping projection or deflection; rather a unified state of being that embraces compassion, empathy and respect for all of life.

The reductionism of humans to capitalistic consumers who defer only to more aggressive displays of egoism, is a tragic epidemic fuelled by the drugs of power and greed. Like any addiction abstinence and surrender to a power greater than oneself is the only remedy for healing. Life and love is the power greater than all of us and will continue, should our species like many of the other millions of species that we have progressively destroyed, become extinct.

With powerful forces at work in the universe at this time both seen and unseen, I purpose it is time to reflect on our values and ideals as to how to overcome our. common dilemma. Our world needs help and we are both the problem and the solution. As the hippie newspaper the San Fran Oracle suggests:

“A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.”

It’s time for another “Summer of Love”. Let’s start a movement.
Blessings, Mary-Jo

“There are moments in time when a word or thought has such power it changes history; a generation so involved in the moment it becomes unstoppable; a spiritual awakening so profound that its very conception shatters perceptions, halts the world and makes people from all nations take notice.”Boots Houghston

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A Reflection on the Paradox of Healing

BLOG – A Reflection on the paradox of Healing July 2016

The healing matrix may begin the moment our world is threatened in any way. Last August out of the blue, my wheelchair flipped over and I broke my leg, badly. The moment a upset is arriving – is the moment we need to surrender, without becoming victim – and this is where the paradox begins. Our physical capacities will be tested but more-so our mental constitution. We are called to stretch and dig deep into our virtues, the unseen muscles of our personality, the ones beyond our ego.

Ego is mainly concerned with protecting the status quo and being in control. We all know those aspects of ourself – our image and ability to autonomously direct our affairs. Well this may be disrupted without warning or hint, in major or minor ways from a physical, emotional or psychological upset or shift. Certainly these influences may be positive as in the news of becoming pregnant or a job promotion to a new city or negative – a fender bender that leaves you with depression and chronic pain from a concussion, or Cancer diagnosis or stroke.

Nevertheless the influence, the affect of having to surrender and reinvent oneself is consistent. The paradox is having to do dramatic change whilst maintaining a deeper sense of consistency and constancy of ones deeper virtues and connection to the Self from a whole different set of parameters and familiarities. This is a foreign an unfamiliar terrain for many of us, especially in our very forward moving and linear culture.

The idea of being boundless undefined, or even living in the moment is very contrary to the future-goal orientated propulsion of our economic and social society. The idea of being formless and unlimited can be threatening – especially if there’s no understanding or curiosity of the paradox that many of the eastern traditions refer to – of being both the form and the formless. The formless part of our being, the one we need to resource especially in times of personal challenge is the wellspring of our connection to the formless source of life, which when we are attuned to allows all of the healing modalities and attributes to expand. In addition in this formless state we are not attached nor do we have expectations and so our intuition and our guidance flow freely and we are given direction moment to moment.

What is it that exists in challenge or adversity that propels us toward surrendering or letting go into this formless state of being? Since being thrust out of my wheelchair last summer and into a very difficult and altered physical state again I have pondered more and more of the above question. I feel the vulnerability that one encounter’s when capacities, choices and Independence are removed, forces us to have to stretch into our inner sphere in order to find resolve, choice and the state of inner autonomy. One of my teachers Caroline Myss an Intuitive Healer teaches that you were only able to heal in present time with 100% of your power. She will qualify power by saying that the only true power is love. There are exercises in her book Anatomy of the Spirit, using the Chakras to re-claim and or reflect on where you may lose power.

The difficulty of this situation when it involves a medical problem or challenge is that most of the medical system want to take away our choice and power and clearly do not encourage the important attributes of healing that are so needed in situations of stress and upset. In this context it is all the more important to stay true to the things that you know to be valuable and harmonious to one self and to cultivate and encourage more Nonphysical and manual ways to support our very complex and miraculous healing attributes.

Here is a list of the virtual things I stretched into my mental state and the physical things that I helped my body with manually as i heal from a broken leg and concussion. I pray for:
More Capacity
To be in every way Non-victim
To take Very Special Care of Myself
To have Endurance
To do and be Relevant
To encourage Creativity, Enjoyment & Enhancement
To find Reverence
To feel Gratitude
To Make every moment count
To Let Go
To Rest
Eat well

From poet Monza Noff – Autumn

Urge me to drop every leaf I don’t need
Every task or habit I repeat past it’s season
Every sorrow I rehearse
Each unfulfilled hope I recall
Every person or possession to which I cling –
Until my branches are bare,
Until I hold fast to nothing

Tutor me through straining night winds,
In the passion of moan and pant,

The gift of letting go
At the moment of most abundance
In the way of falling apples, figs, maple leaves, pecans.

Show me the way of dying in glorious boldness –

Yellow, gold, orange, rust, red, burgundy.