The God’s must be fainting

What splendor this world beholds, and all of us creatures, big and small within it! I’m in Mexico right now on a personal retreat, and after yesterday’s epic historical event with the inaguration of Barak Obama backdropped againt my time here in Nature’s glory, l feel we have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate, it’s mind boggling! Wow what remarkable times. We all feel that. I have to say I was just flowing with tears of joy and gratitude as I watched live, that remarkable speech. Here is a true a Leader and an example of what we are all capable of. We know that too – especially when we are in our groove or sweet spot and things are clicking. And as our new leader so definatively emphasized in his speech: “We have to work on our groove – and each of us must take responsibility for ourselves, for each other and for our home.’
OK when you really get how glorious this place is and how special our life is – there would be no questionn, but not every one see’s it that way – and perception is everything. So if all you’ve seen is struggle, hardship and trauma, its difficult to see what lies beyond our man made traps to the greater reality. That’s where community, service and teaching really come in. Its a different state when our world feels difficult or when we are faced with pain or suffering, then the world can feel harsh and we feel small, closed and alone. It is those people now, who we must include in our circles, conversations and classes. Those who know only the street, or the war zone, or addiction or isolation or daily depression – need belonging, empathy and prayers , now more than ever in these changing times.
It was in that same context that President Obama emphasized the global citizen and the need to shift from “only about me” to ‘community’ – of which the word almost looks like common-unity, which is really the big ideal. In so many ways, our challenges can appear insurmountable, however when you really see and get what we are capable of, there is faith. For me that is what a true practice nurtures, deep unquestioning faith in the Divine Intelligence.
That is the gift we pass on in our prayers and community gatherrings and in the teachings. We share and pass on the light, the feeling and the experience of being cared for. My Teacher passed on a wonderful fable about buddha on the mount at the gates of heaven. There were thousands of people clamouring around the gates to get in, and there were many far down the mount it was crowded and hot and yet the Buddha was sitting outside the gates with the people.. When asked why he, who could easily enter the gates,didn’t go ahead he replied “How could I when others have not yet reached the gate? That would not be right. How can one enter, when the whole has not entered. Ttat would be impossible – like my arms entering without my legs or the rest of my body.

Published by Mary-Jo

I am passionate about diversity, inclusion, sustainability and community. Having raised my children in a small B.C. town as a single parent, I relied on the community, my resourcefulness and the land to sustain us. We developed a market farm,built a cafe and catering business that utilized the produce, local farmers and families to thrive. As a Waldorf school parent I became experienced in biodiversity, edible landscapes and community engagement. I gained substantial skills in leadership, facilitation, project management, communication through teaching yoga and running various business's. My role as a facilitator and trainer to individuals seeking to become a yoga teacher- whom never thought that they could stand in front of a room and speak in public, gave me insight into human nature and coaching. In addition to designing and building businesses - cafés, yoga studios and national training programs, I am a student of Social Development & Social Psychology and understand the complexity and importance of social engagement. I can handle with grace most any situation, having encountered a disability later in life. Consequent to becoming disabled and through advocacy and providing peer support I have trained and acquired extensive exposure and understanding of UN principles on disability, The Human Rights objectives, theories and principles of Universal Design and the various challenges and obstacles for those affected and the relationship to various stakeholders. After 30 years of teaching yoga, my spinal cord injury and subsequent sabbatical has allowed for the integration of my yoga and more in-depth study of the Healing Arts. I have had the fortune of working with some of the best in the field of rehabilitation, Somatic Experiencing and manual therapy including Emilie Conrad, Mark Finch, Judy Russel, Rod Stryker, Carolyn Myss, Ana Forest, & Tim Miller, Susan Harper, Mariah Moser, Herta Buller and Nature.