Trinity Yoga’s Winter Newsletter

Hello students and friends, yogis and yoginis. This newsletter comes at a time of endings and beginnings, in a season that along with its own endings and beginnings is also rich with tradition. Traditions stem from our cultural and spiritual heritage and inform us all, to some varying degree. These traditions generally arise from the wisdom teachings and were a way of creating rites and rituals to help cope, understand and engage with the cosmic life-force. Although today we see many ways that the act of tradition can become more important than the wisdom it was intended to impart, traditions are still an important resource in challenging times, like ours right now. What can the tradition of yoga offer you when the stock market crashes or the news of a loved one is devastating? How can many of us – who have entered the tradition of teaching, offer the teachings that will most serve their purpose and the needs of the day? These are questions I have been asking myself the past couple of years and especially now as Trinity Yoga ends its eight years of providing a high quality Teacher training program, and moves to redefine itself within the tradition as well as the needs of the day with my guidance.

What is clear to me is that the wisdom of the teachings, and the tradition of passing on that knowledge is precious, and something that needs to be held in regard as we navigate over the waters of these rising tides of change. What the yoga tradition offers is the intention and techniques to Self-realize so completely that any question you have about the love that is, the love that you are, is dissolved. I know for myself that this has been a life’s work, and that along with the intensifying global angst, I am drawing ever deeper from the wells of wisdom and traditions that have flowed for centuries in the heart of this amazing planet Mother Earth. So as the power structures crumble around us for the illusions that they are, and the earth rebels and revolts from abuse and neglect; we are all more obviously connected as we are all more closely affected, and I wonder like many – what can I do?

Those of you who have a world view succinct with the great cosmic laws know that change is constant and that chaos and the upheaval experienced is transitory. Indeed the best way to deal with these uncertainties is to think like the mystics and yogis: as above so below, all is one, identification is illusion, and especially – Divinity is paradoxical, and what seems like devastation is usually opportunity. From our holistic perspective of: what effects one effects the whole, and the enormity of our global situation one can see that the healing of each individuals’ own personal challenges, and the healing of the whole – are interrelated. Most of you will have experienced these cosmic energetic laws at work in your bodies: as you develop more awareness you see that one system is not in isolation but that it affects and is affected by the whole.

We all know the devotion it requires to manage our energetic systems so that we feel, joyful, healthy and loving – and most of us have been healing what illusions we may have that obscure that Truth. The tradition of yoga gives us tools and techniques to deal with the management of our energetic being amidst the chaos, while at the same time aligning oneself to the Truth and Source of All. That is a huge ripple in the larger global body tide that we all connect to and affect. That is the true gift we can offer: to do the work required individually, and by virtue we offer that learning to the whole. So what happens in the eye of the storm depends how resilient and prepared one is spiritually & energetically and how much grace you have stored up, because no matter what, we are only as strong as the strength of our devotion and the humility that it requires to surrender to, and become the living prayer of that force. In other words through physical practice and tapas, make your temple strong, receptive and resilient but don’t stop there, see that the True gifts the traditions offer are practices that eventually move you beyond the physical, to methodologically, energetically and intelligently guide one back into to the Source.

With the winter days winding down toward the solstice, and the end of the year drawing to a close I feel the endings – of which there have been many for me this year including turning 50 & menopause -giving rise to new life, and the chaos of having ones entire world turned upside down from the physical and emotional devastation of a Spinal Cord injury subsiding into this clear wellspring of knowing. I have been considering you, the students and the vehicle of teaching earnestly for many, many months and how I, and the company that I founded – that trained many of you to be teachers – can best be of service to contribute to the Greater Whole. I have been blessed with the experience, the learning & the teachings of how to direct Prana into paralyzed limbs and beyond all odds to re-awaken them, and it is this experience and the teachings therein that I humbly offer, as it is that which is really the heart of the yoga tradition – to embody, imbue and understand prana fully, that is the culmination of all teachings. You will soon notice a new look and theme for Trinity Yoga that reflects my sincere intention to offer to you, the essentials of the tradition, that continue to tantalize and inform me.

It is my wish that Trinity will continue to hold the space for developing and recognizing our highest potential, as well as to hold the space for our own traditions of the Trinity collective to evolve. So as we gather with friends & loved ones under the winter solstice sun celebrating and sharing, let’s give thanks, to those people and the threads they have utilized that help steer us and strengthen our connection to – and reverence of – the Divine Primordial Life Stream.
Blessings to all,

Published by Mary-Jo

I am passionate about diversity, inclusion, sustainability and community. Having raised my children in a small B.C. town as a single parent, I relied on the community, my resourcefulness and the land to sustain us. We developed a market farm,built a cafe and catering business that utilized the produce, local farmers and families to thrive. As a Waldorf school parent I became experienced in biodiversity, edible landscapes and community engagement. I gained substantial skills in leadership, facilitation, project management, communication through teaching yoga and running various business's. My role as a facilitator and trainer to individuals seeking to become a yoga teacher- whom never thought that they could stand in front of a room and speak in public, gave me insight into human nature and coaching. In addition to designing and building businesses - cafés, yoga studios and national training programs, I am a student of Social Development & Social Psychology and understand the complexity and importance of social engagement. I can handle with grace most any situation, having encountered a disability later in life. Consequent to becoming disabled and through advocacy and providing peer support I have trained and acquired extensive exposure and understanding of UN principles on disability, The Human Rights objectives, theories and principles of Universal Design and the various challenges and obstacles for those affected and the relationship to various stakeholders. After 30 years of teaching yoga, my spinal cord injury and subsequent sabbatical has allowed for the integration of my yoga and more in-depth study of the Healing Arts. I have had the fortune of working with some of the best in the field of rehabilitation, Somatic Experiencing and manual therapy including Emilie Conrad, Mark Finch, Judy Russel, Rod Stryker, Carolyn Myss, Ana Forest, & Tim Miller, Susan Harper, Mariah Moser, Herta Buller and Nature.