We see my mom

We woke up early. Rik and I went to Proctor and, with the help of Susan Clancy, we gathered up Mary-Jo’s stuff. We returned to Nelson, picked up Katie, and, by 11am, we left.

During the drive we were getting updates on her condition every time we could get cell phone service. We got there at 10:00 pm and went straight to the Hospital. Seeing my mom that night was the scariest, most painful experience I have been through yet. She had received 5 hours of surgery from the front of her neck, they had cleaned up all the shattered bones and put wires, and plates in her neck and she was on a respirator. The nurses told us that if we were going to be emotional we had to leave her side because they didn’t want us to upset her. So to say the least that visit was very short. She wasn’t in a very conscious condition and the real point was that she knew we were there right by her side and that we loved her so much and told her about all the support and prayers that were already flowing pcittt forward.