frontpage-quoteWelcome to Mary-Jo.com. This site was first established way back in 1996 when I was a chef at Mountain Trek Resort and Spa nestled in the pristine mountains in Nelson, British Columbia.

At that time there were not very many websites or even social sites for that matter. Things have changed significantly in those 15 years on a global scale as well as for me personally. This site has been with me for over 15 years and has chronicled many of those significant changes, and the ways that I have addressed them in my personal and professional life.

I initially started a website due to the many request’s of the guests at the lodge for my recipes and approach to healthy living and vegetarian cooking. I had established myself as a gourmet vegetarian chef and became quite sought after in the world of spa cuisine. I was also teaching yoga and beginning to facilitate personal development.

Most of these things came out of the natural inclination to live a happy healthy and fulfilled life and to share that with others. It has always been my nature to inquire into the mysteries and complexities of life and our own personal perspective and journeys therein.

What I could never have foretold then as none of us can, is my future and the dramatic change that it might take. We can plan and prepare and provide for as much security in our life as possible however we can never predict or determine what challenges we may face, be they – physical, mental/emotional or spiritual.

It is these challenges that will either make or break us, and our ability to meet these challenges largely determines the outcome. I would like to help each and everyone who arrives here to address your own personal mountains, – with the tools and resources that have helped me over the years to cope with seemingly insurmountable odds.

Life is unpredictable, and change is inevitable. After the shocking incident of my spinal cord injury in 2004 where I was left completely paralyzed I have embraced that axiom in a way that allows for a sense of relief and peace in that truth, rather than fear and aversion.

As a mature woman I am pleased to still be offering this platform for reflection growth and a sharing of information. I feel that my journey offers maps for each and everyone of us as a metaphor for life and also as a beacon of hope to those who may have suffered from any traumatic event.

Welcome to Mary Jo.com, and welcome back to those of you who have visited here before. I look forward to sharing my musings and meanderings – and exchanging with you in the Spirit of healing, Truth and love.
Blessings, Mary-Jo

“Remember it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you – that will set you free and on the path to personal empowerment and liberation.” Mary-Jo 2003