Where Science Meets Spirit by Mary-Jo Fetterly

Where Science Meets Spirit

The Autobiography of a Paralyzed Yogi by Mary-Jo Fetterly is an extraordinary memoir of unconventional approaches to life and paralysis, uncovering important knowledge about resilience, energy and embodiment, and our collective power from the limitless Life-force Energy we are all made from.

Written as a memoir in a style that offers both colourful and lived experience and reflective insights and teachings, Where Science Meets Spirit weaves the reader through a labyrinth of woe, fascinating revelations, groundbreaking science, poignant trials, ancient wisdom, personal triumphs, and spiritual truths.

“Remember it’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you that will set you free, and onto the path of personal empowerment and liberation.”  Mary-Jo Fetterly


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